It all starts with a great design, we offer a holistic design service but, can do ad hoc projects too!

Design is the foundation that is fundamental to having great marketing. Think of a house that's built on sand, it's great to start out but starts falling over a few months down the line.

We take on clients from startups, SMEs and One man bands to corporate level businesses but our sweet spot is the former however since we are an SME ourselves our creative director Martin knows the challenges around being a small business in a big and changing world!

We offer clients logo and brand guidelines, website UX and Asset design, which are the 3 essentials to any business that needs to hit the world by storm. Consistency is key which is why we prefer to work holistically.

Design Services.

We offer 3 design services, all are interchangeable and complimentary with each other.

We make fun but functional design for your business, taking into account your target market and industry field.

Asset Design

Assets are important to maintain your brand's image. We design business cards, letterheads and flyers for your business.

Brand Design

This is where it starts. A brand should tell the customer what you do intuitively. We design brands that make a difference.

Website Design

A website is what makes your potential customers trust you, and want to use you. We design sites that will make them LOVE you!

Design Team.

All of our services involve collaboration with the rest of the team.

However, here's your main contact for your Design.

Martin Suker is the Creative Director and Founder of BOOM.