Website Design.

We design websites that win you customers.

Websites have become a necessity for businesses rather than the option they were a few years back. How many companies would you buy from if they didn’t have a website? During Covid-19 lockdown businesses without an online presence struggled. Having a great User Experience (UX) on your website will insure you against that.


We design websites that compliment your brand, make your business look good and gain trust, but most of all win you, clients.


Because of our technical experience in developing websites we don’t design an impossible task or one that your budget couldn’t afford the development of.

Website Design Process.

We design your website in 3 stages

Getting it right is important to us, and so we've split our process down to make things better for us and you!


We work out what it is you need.

The page and post types you need, the functionality that you want to have and future ideas you may want to put onto the website.

We also go through websites you like/dislike from your peer’s and competition’s websites, so we know what you like, and what works.

We deliver this to you in a Scope of Work with a sitemap draft for you to sign off.

We consult with you to make sure the website design we give you fits your needs.


We show you our vision.

Designing the home page with the navigation, call to actions and footers usually in a PDF and share that with you.

You tell us what you don’t like and we make those changes before proceeding with the rest of the design.

Then only when you are happy we proceed.

We conceptualise your website before we build everything.

Design UX

We Design the rest of the website.

Finally, all the other top tier pages are made to compliment the home page design, accomodating any feature requests you had.

We deliver this to you as a PDF and you can request revisions before we deliver the final design and start the development.

Talk to us about your website.

We design websites that make you sales.

Website Design Team.

We work as a team, but your main contacts for your website design will be.

Martin Suker is the Creative Director and Founder of BOOM.